Cxense Funnel Instrumentation Test Page

First up: Initialize Funnel

Submit a standard Cxense page view event and initialize funnel settings.

        // Replace with correct site id

Example Scenarios

  • Subscription: User Credentials

    In a purchase / subscription scenario, Users usually beginning with their User Details - First Name, Last Name, Email ..

    <... />
  • Subscription: Credit Card Details

    Sometimes, The user may have the option to select multiple options before proceeding - in this case, you only send the event once all fields are validated, and the User selects a 'continue' button...

    Credit Card validation can make a big difference to User flow

    <... />
  • Subscription: Successful Order

    The final 'transaction complete' step. Send order event along with confirmation to the User...

    If your product is not auto-renewable you might also want to explicitly send an unsubscribe/renew event.

    <... />
  • Registration: User Details

    Users usually begin with their User Details - First Name, Last Name, Email ..

    <... />
  • Registration: Done

    The final 'registration complete' step. Send event along with confirmation to the User...

    Additionally, send a termination event if the user decided to close their account.

    <... />

The following examples detail some commonly used implementations to boost User Retention, Engagement, and reduced Churn. Consider adding these examples to your Sites & Apps

  • Signed-In User - Newsletter and In-page Engagement Toggle

    Providing Email Newsletters to Users adds another communication medium, however you never want to promote a newsletter that the User is already subscribed to, nor has previously opted out from.

    ... and conversely, ensure Users can easy opt out if they choose.

    <... />

    You will need a hook to the backend service to pickup the User's email

  • Non Signed-in User Newsletter subscription

    If Users are not signed in, you will need to allow them to enter their address prior to sending the event.

    <... />

    Note: Do not persist the User's Personally Identifiable Information (PII), only the subscribe event for reporting.

    You must pass on the email in addition to sending the subscribe/unsubscribe event.